Wednesday, July 4, 2018

#208 The Sailfish

Animalia: Day 143
The Sailfish

And another I drew while on family vacay:

Look up sailfishes! How is this a real animal?!?
Every image you find online looks photoshopped/CGI?

(definitely not) Tomorrow: the Salmon

#207 The Saiga Antelope

Animalia: Day 142
The Saiga Antelope

After an absurdly long hiatus (4 years, actually... I've
been getting a PhD man, back off!), I drew this HQ:

Look at this Alf-lookin, Gonzo-nosed, vacuum cleaner of an animal!

And that is that!

Tomorrow (but actually right now!): the Sailfish

Thursday, November 17, 2016

#206 More Lithography Stuff

Sorry again for a long absence!

I never ended up posting my final prints from the Lithography class, 
the culmination of the Seven Wonders project. 

Here they are; not the best photographs. I had hoped to take better ones 
but never got the chance, so this is what you get:

Pretty happy with these.  Background is a little bland on both, and in retrospect 
I should have taken the time to add some clouds or something. Alas...

I definitely feel like this is the stronger of the two. Again, background would
be improved with some addition of clouds, or maybe a sun or moon.
I am very happy, though, with the tiny dolphin at the center of the print! Adorbs!

And another picture of the Vegetable Flight into Egypt Landscape.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

#205 Lithography Stuff

Sorry to have been absent as of late.
I have not been idle, though.
I have been posting to a Tumblr for a stone lithography class,
in which I am currently enrolled.
The class is coming to an end, but I have been doing prints
related to the Seven Wonders project, finally being realized.
See progress on that here:

Here is a taste of what I've been doing over there, a Flight 
into Egypt after Schongauer/Durer/Rembrant a la Veggie-tales:

More on the influences for this print HERE.

CLICK ME for Tumblr posts related to the Flight into Egypt.
CLICK ME for Tumblr posts related to the Seven Wonders.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

#204 Writing letters

I wrote a letter to a friend, and drew this space puppy pic.
I've distorted the text because letters is personal. 
But here's the drawing.

#203 Halloween 2013 / 2014

Some backlogged things:

Halloween pumpkin 2013:
Godzilla VS Hedorah

And Halloween costume 2014:

Made this during the summer when I had access to a lot of foam. And time.
I based my costume on the Fox from the Terrible Trio.

I made a last-minute Rilakkuma costume for a friend in my department.

As you can see, it's just a dressed-up dude in a mask.

We didn't want to cut holes in the Rilakkuma mask,
so I just cut a face into the back of it.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

#202 CatDog Mechanics

This is a thought I had:

CatDog / Portal mashup. 

This doodle took way longer than it should have.

For those who want explication, CatDog was a show on 
Nickelodeon that ran during the end of the 90s into the 00s.
It was about a cat and dog attached at the abdomen.
Many people wondered how they pooped.

CatDog  of Nickelodeon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#201 EGOT 2/12

Another drawing done in Paris the same night as Marvin Hamlisch.

John Gielgud
Emmy - 1991
Grammy - 1979
Oscar - 1981
Tony - 1961

Whatever, John, where's your Pulitzer? Marvin's got one.

PS: there is no order to these. Just done in the order I felt like.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

#200 EGOT 1/12

In an attempt to get better with portraits, I decided I would 
do drawings of everyone who has EGOT'd. So here is that.
I did two of these in Paris.
Not a great drawings, but I guess the point is to get better.

Marvin Hamlisch
Emmy - 1995
Grammy - 1974
Oscar - 1973
Tony - 1976

Dude also won a Pulitzer Prize. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#199 Seven Wonders Sketches Part Two

No Animalia Post today. Sorreeee. But here's this instead.

For the Seven Wonders Series:
A sketch of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, in large
part inspired by what I remember of Nick's early sketches,
one of which can be seen in my last Seven Wonders post.
I'm very happy with this one, and for the battle, it'll be drawn
very large, with smaller Zeus and Artemis monsters fighting it.