Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#7 Asians

Also, while in Oakland,
I purchased a family album with a clown on it at a thrift store.
The album is a record of a Japanese family living in America.
And spans about 4 or 5 decades, going from the 50s to maybe the 90s.
I've decided to make a lot of sketches of the family members,
but I don't have a scanner, so I will batch upload them later.
Just thought I'd let you know what I was up to.

Monday, September 13, 2010

#6 Random Stuffz

Hey guys.
Long time no post.
I haven't been updating this as much because I have just been keeping Juntown.com updated.
Also, all my summer travels are documented in Facebook albums.
A few highlights are posted here. Some of which are art oriented.

An old collage concerning China.

A Water Bears shirt I did with permanent markers.

Another Water Bears shirt I did.

A tribute to STL I did in Conway, AR.

The rest of the pictures are just photos of adventures.

I would put a cut here if I knew how. But I don't, sorry.

Bear and Water Bear.

Gabe with Chris Burden.

Giant burritos in Oakland.

If you are in Reno, go to The Nugget and get a burger and fries in the back.
Also, the best facade of any casino.

Some hair art I did.
Found my true calling.

Grocery store slots.

When in the desert, don't forget your purple drank.