Saturday, July 30, 2011

#117 Update

So I know, I am getting behind again.
I finished the Lystrosaurus today,
and should be back on schedule this week.

However, I am on vacay with my fam right now,
so I have no scanner and no tablet,
so you're going to have to wait a WHOLE WEEK
for any more pic-y updates from me.

In the meanspacewhiletimes, check out Nick's Animalia drawings.
He's a little behind (read: "way behind") but I'm sure he will
catch up once I start moving to Texas and doing grad school.

Anyways, see you in a week?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#116 The Lynx

Animalia: Day 96
The Lynx

Day late, whatever.
Maybe I'll catch up, maybe not.
The back leg on this got ugly and funny and then blacked out.
Done with a crayola brush pen my work bought for me,

PS: No drip crayola brush markers drip everywhere.

The lynx has giant feet sometimes so it can walk on snow.

Tomorrow: the Lystrosaurus

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#115 The Lovebird

Animalia: Day 95
The Lovebird

Oh well. cute at least?

Tomorrow: the Lynx

Monday, July 25, 2011

#114 The Lookdown

Animalia: Day 94
The Lookdown

What an awesome face this fish has.

Tomorrow: the Lovebird

#113 The Lobster

Animalia: Day 93
The Lobster

Page of lobster sketches that led to lobster punch.

The idea kind of started with "How do I draw a lobster mouth,"
which led me to decide to ignore what they actually look like and

The whole image took a long time to compose and work from
sketch to line drawing, and got messy the whole way through.
The legs and tail were particularly tricky.

It's times like these I wish I took the time to do sketches,
then trace for line work; but that aint gon' happen.

I know this fight should be on a blue background because it's aquatic,
but I was so fond of the brown/tan/beige, I had to post it.

Sorry the lobster took so long.
Hope it was worth the wait.

Tomorrow: the Lookdown

Friday, July 22, 2011

#112 Dad drawings

I tried to make some portraits of my dad at his request.
I am not the best with portraits, and I'm especially bad at caricatures.
I am continually impressed by amusement park caricaturists.

Anyways, so I did two semi finished looking drawings, and here them is:

#111 The Lionfish

Animalia: Day 92
The Lionfish

So I did this in the airport on the way to Chicago for G-Fest.
Unfortunately, it was pretty busy this past week and I didn't really get any more done,
especially because I got food poisoning the second day I was in Chicago.

I threw up a couple times laid on the floor for a few days.

Then went to Dallas and was super busy some more.

That's why there have been no posts;
that and Nick is catching up, kind of.

Tomorrow: the Lobster

Thursday, July 14, 2011

#110 Updateeee

So here is the news.

I am in Chicago for a Godzilla convention.
Then to Dallas to look for an apartment for grad school.
Then back to Boston, then more traveling with fam,
then moving to Dallas via KY and MO.
So posts for the next few weeks will be sporadic,
but hopefully I will still be getting drawings done everyday.
I will scan the lion fish when I get a chance.

Luv yalls.

Monday, July 11, 2011

#109 The Lion

Animalia: Day 91
The Lion

It's a lion. Where's its body? I don't know.

Tomorrow: the Lionfish

#108 The Lemur

Animalia: Day 90
The Lemur

The foot on the left took me more time than all of the rest of the drawing,
and it still came out pretty weak.

Tomorrow: the Lion

#107 The Lamprey

Animalia: Day 89
The Lamprey

Did a lot more sketches for this then are shown.
The lamprey is super terrifying, but when you look past the teeth,
it looks kind of pathetically moronic.
They have the most vacant eyes, it is such a contrast to their mouths.
I wanted to do something with that, and went through a bunch
of sketches trying to figure out how to make
a sarlacc pit with a face look pathetic and un-menacing.
Ended up having to add drool and dull the teeth,
which watered it down, but whatevs.

Tomorrow: the Lemur

#106 The Koolasuchus

Animalia: Day 88
the Koolasuchus

The koolasuchus is a dinosaur like thing that got about
20 ft long and hunted like crocodiles - probably.
They look basically like a giant salamander,
with a big shovel-y head and two spikes on the back of the skull.
Also, rather than having rows of teeth,
they had a grid of teeth that covered the whole roof
and bottom of the mouth, which they would
use to grind food up - probably.

Two versions here, tail up and tail down.
Couldn't decide, so I colored em both,
so two color options too.

Also this was late.
And todays will probs not come until tomorrow.

Tomorrow: the Lamprey

Saturday, July 9, 2011

#105 The Koala

Animalia: Day 87
The Koala

Tomorrow: the Koolasuchus

Friday, July 8, 2011

#104 The Kinkajou

Animalia: Day 86
The Kinkajou

Tomorrow: the Koala

Thursday, July 7, 2011

#103 The Kangaroo

Animalia: Day 85
The Kangaroo

Kangaroos are pretty gangster.

Their weird feet make them impossible to draw.
I did a full page of sketches before settling on this style and pose.

Tomorrow: the Kinkajou

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

#102 The Jerboa

Animalia: Day 84
The Jerboa

Bonus incisivosaurus drawings prior to the pixel foray.

Jerboas are another animal that is too cute to make any better.
So I guess I just didn't really try. O wellz.
It's basically a fake animal. It's a pokemon.

But you get bonus sketches from the incivovosaurus,
which are probs better than the jerboa.

Tomorrow: the Kangaroo

#101 The Incisivosaurus

Animalia: Day 83
The Incisivosaurus

Taking a cue from Nick's pixelart.
This one was after Nick told me about the pencil tool in Ps.
Who knew that tool wasn't useless? Anyone?
10 colors total, I think.

And before he told me about it.

Reminds me of my childhood making kidpix icons,
and my adolescence making cursors with Microangelo '98.

and little size:

Later today?: the Jerboa

Monday, July 4, 2011

#100 The Iguana

Animalia: Day 82
The Iguana

Woot, post #100
(but not really because of 2 part posts; this is more like #105)

Iguanas are complicated looking.
They also have a third eye thats really small on their forehead.
Apparently tuna and lampreys have them too?

Tomorrow: the Incisivosaurus

#99 The Ibex

Animalia: Day 81
The Ibex

Again, trying to work in a new graphic direction
playing off of folks like Mike Mignola.

Pretty happy with this one.

Hopefully later tonight: the Iguana

Added color:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

#98 The Hyena

Animalia: Day 80
The Hyena

This one took forever.
Hyena bodies are real hard to draw.
That's why I didn't really draw one.

Tomorrow: the Ibex

Friday, July 1, 2011

#97 The Humpback Whale

Animalia: Day 79
The Humpback Whale

Maybe a little weak?
Just be glad this got colored.

Tomorrow: the Hyena