Sunday, January 22, 2012

#140 Belated Halloween

Hey Friends.
I realized I never made a Halloween post this year.

So this past Halloween I was St. Stephen.

St. Stephen was stoned to death, and sometimes he is represented
as a haloed saint with a bloody stone imbedded into his forehead.
Like so:

Also, this past Halloween we carved extra small, extra hard pumpkins.
They had a hardened shell layer that I used woodcut tools to get through.

Mine is the Hellboy on the left,
and my gf did the boogieman on the right.

Friday, January 20, 2012

#139 The Newt

Animalia: Day 111
The Newt

Hadn't planned on doing another drawing for a while,
but I was doodling during class and got this newt more or less done,
went back and touched up the face while looking at actual pics of Newt.
Still, not a very good likeness, he needed to be frowny,
but I wanted him to be dumbly slack jawed smiling.
Also, he needs a bigger forehead.

Anyways, TOPICAL. Swoop!


Newt spews this all the timeeeeee.



Couldn't decide what was a good speech bubble,
so I went ahead and did em all.

Choose yer own adventure!

Tomorrow(nopeeee): the Oarfish.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#138 The Nautilus

Animalia: Day 110
The Nautilus

The Nautilus used to be my favorite animal, and the city museum
had one that I would visit in their sketchy aquarium, but then it died.
I love nautiluses and I could say a lot about them.

But I need to sleep before class tomorrow.
This might be the last post for a while. SORREE.

Bonus nautilids in this collograph I did in intro printmaking.

Tomorrow: the Newt.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

#137 The Narwhal

Animalia: Day 109
The Narwhal

Fun Fact: Narwhals sometimes have two tusks.
Also, their tusks grow out of their upper lip,
slightly to one side or the other, not centered.

Probs spent way too much time on the background.

Also, maybe i should include nostrils, do they have nostrils?

Tomorrow: the Nautilus!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

#136 The Musk-Ox

Animalia: Day 108
The Musk-Ox

Kind of a boring drawing. Ink brush pen.

I got a brush pen from Japan for Xmas, and I have been using it.

The tip is starting to separate, not sure how to fix that.
Wondering if I have been misusing it.

Used it for a gift for Madeleine – a big squirrel drawing –
which will be posted when squirrel comes up.
But for now, here is a preview:
Anyways, school starts again soon.
I have been busy learning German and watching internet vids.

Maybe Animalia will be completed someday.

Tomorrow (Nope, Chuck Testa): the Narwhal.