Thursday, March 24, 2011

#14 SGC

So SGC was fun.
Here's the painting completed and framed.
I guess I'm happy with how it turned out?

Not sure how I feel about abandoning concept
in favor of convoluted art historical references?

Either way, the composition and what not is taken from
this Honthorst painting.
The characters are Baltan, Godzilla, and a Hopi Kachina doll.
I always loved Kachina dolls.
I made some when I was in 3rd-5th grade.

On to the next project I am way behind on:
Here is a sketch for the print I am doing for this show.
Nick and I are both doing stuff for it.

Again, not sure how I feel about just completely ripping off of Rembrandt
and replacing the symbolism with Pokeballs.
But you know, "Life is full of decisions,"
is what some old guy at the Metrolink told me
when I was deciding whether or not to get a 2 hour pass.

So who's your starter pokemon?
Mine was squirtle.

Monday, March 14, 2011

#13 SGC

Hey friends,
I am in St. Louis this week for SGC
and I have a painting in this show:

If you're in STL, come out and see
a wide range of work,
something for everyone.

Also, this was the first painting I have ever made,
so hopefully that went alright?

Heres a peek: