Sunday, September 2, 2012

#154 The Okapi

Animalia: Day 115
The Okapi
This is the Okapi.
I'm not sure where it fits on an evolutionary map,
but its kind of a mix between a giraffe, antelope, and zebra.
It's a girantebra. Or a zebrantelaffe. Or a zebraffelope.

Anyways, since guest artist Jaime Raybin did
such a wonderful Okapi a few months back,
I wanted to do something different.
I think I was thinking about her (and my brother's) fondness
for "my little ponys" because I went that angle with the Okapi.
Also, my little pony horned quadrupeds (HQs)
are easier to draw than regular ones.

Also, I think this is the first drawing I've done that is entirely digital, 
besides the pixelart.

And two Animalia posts in two days, has this happened in the past year?

Also, a Brony is a thing.
Look it up.

Tomorrow: the Opabinia.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

#153 The Odobenocetops

Animalia: Day 114 
The Odobenocetops
The odobenocetops was a whale kind of thing with big uneven tusks
that grew out of its face and pointed backwards.
It lived a long time ago.

Did the pencil drawing first, and didn't like how boring it was.
Big head small body, we seen it before.
So then I did a little sketch at the bottom of small head big body,
and ended up liking it a lot more.

Colored. Went for a purply blue, 
cause we don't really know what colors they was.

Tomorrow: the Okapi.