Monday, September 5, 2011

#124 The Mexican Mole Lizard

Animalia: Day 101
The Mexican Mole Lizard

It's got no back legs,
it's tiny, pink, and shiny,
it's got the body of a worm,
it's got the hands of a mole,
and it's a lizard.

Anyways, sorry it took so long,
sorry this isn't in color,
and sorry it's a little bit racist.
But you're going to have to wait a hot minute for the next one, probs.

Just be glad I didn't put a revolver/tamale/maraca in his hand.

xoxo missed you all,

Tomorrow(haha): the Mole

Saturday, September 3, 2011

#123 Meadows Museum Sketches

This is not an animal post.
School is mad hectic.
So instead of an animal,
you're getting sketches from the Meadows Museum at SMU.
Done during the class I am TAing.

On the left is Antonis Mor's portrait of the 16 year old Alessandro Farnese,
and from top to bottom is Maino, Adoration of the Shepherds;
Murillo, Jacob Laying Peeled Rods Before the Flocks of Laban;
Zurbaran, The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine of Siena;
and a putto from a Murillo Immaculate Conception.
They're all Baroque, except the Mor.