Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#161 Doodles

It's been a while.
Thesis is done, just finishing up papers.

Here are some doodles that I have done during class 
or in lectures over the course of the semester:

Left and Right: Class on Byzantine Icons / Lecture on Postcolonial Brazil

Class on Early Italian Ren

Lecture on arabic / latin vulgate bibles.

Lecture on WWII art restitution.
i might color the Bloch-Bauer at some point.

Byzantine Icons class.

Italian Ren Class. Torso Belvedere. 
Also, attempts at Animalia: the Possom. Might repost this as my Animalia entry.

Two lectures, one on German Lothar Baumgarten's kale landscapes;
another on Fred Harvey Girls. Look it up.

Byzantine Icons class.
Invented 17th century dress from memory.
St. George.

Hoping to return to Animals this summer.