Monday, March 14, 2011

#13 SGC

Hey friends,
I am in St. Louis this week for SGC
and I have a painting in this show:

If you're in STL, come out and see
a wide range of work,
something for everyone.

Also, this was the first painting I have ever made,
so hopefully that went alright?

Heres a peek:


  1. Super duper excited and I will see you and this very soon. :)

    But how did you make it this long without having ever done a painting?

  2. I didn't take any art classes until college. I mean, I did some painting when I was little, but not much. Also, in college, I didn't take any painting classes. We used some acrylic in Ken Wood's 2D class, but I'm not sure if I count those as paintings so much as color and design exercises. So yeah, this is the first real painting I have done.

  3. Oh, I also started a self portrait oil painting, but never finished it.