Thursday, January 12, 2012

#136 The Musk-Ox

Animalia: Day 108
The Musk-Ox

Kind of a boring drawing. Ink brush pen.

I got a brush pen from Japan for Xmas, and I have been using it.

The tip is starting to separate, not sure how to fix that.
Wondering if I have been misusing it.

Used it for a gift for Madeleine – a big squirrel drawing –
which will be posted when squirrel comes up.
But for now, here is a preview:
Anyways, school starts again soon.
I have been busy learning German and watching internet vids.

Maybe Animalia will be completed someday.

Tomorrow (Nope, Chuck Testa): the Narwhal.


  1. Just stumbled upon this, while looking at musk ox, and wanted to say it's adorable. Have a nice day!