Saturday, January 14, 2012

#137 The Narwhal

Animalia: Day 109
The Narwhal

Fun Fact: Narwhals sometimes have two tusks.
Also, their tusks grow out of their upper lip,
slightly to one side or the other, not centered.

Probs spent way too much time on the background.

Also, maybe i should include nostrils, do they have nostrils?

Tomorrow: the Nautilus!


  1. don't they have top of head nostrils like other marine mammals?

  2. Can you paint this on canvas so I can hang it on my wall? Please? I'll pay you!

  3. @ken: I'm not sure where their nostrils are. I know they have a blowhole, and I thought that maybe those were their nostrils, but I wasn't sure. Also, no good pictures of Narwhal faces.

    @tintin: I'm not even sure if I could, photoshop is magic. But you can get it printed for cheap onto canvas at places like this:
    12 x 10 is only 16 dollars. swoop. never done that before so I dont know how itd turn out. I can send you a high quality file though if you want to try.