Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#116 The Lynx

Animalia: Day 96
The Lynx

Day late, whatever.
Maybe I'll catch up, maybe not.
The back leg on this got ugly and funny and then blacked out.
Done with a crayola brush pen my work bought for me,

PS: No drip crayola brush markers drip everywhere.

The lynx has giant feet sometimes so it can walk on snow.

Tomorrow: the Lystrosaurus


  1. Catching up is for suckers.
    CRAYOLA brush pen? They make anything other than shitty crayons and markers?
    The blue is interesting and the I like the drawing and the back leg looks fine.
    Evolution's version of Ugg boots.

  2. no black, they only came in crayola colors, ha. i got a pack for 3.50 or 4 bucks or something. blue, red, green, yellow, purple, (orange?). But theyre pretty crappy. they are actually marker tips shaped to look like brushes, so actual brush strokes are difficult, and they leak everywhere.