Monday, July 25, 2011

#113 The Lobster

Animalia: Day 93
The Lobster

Page of lobster sketches that led to lobster punch.

The idea kind of started with "How do I draw a lobster mouth,"
which led me to decide to ignore what they actually look like and

The whole image took a long time to compose and work from
sketch to line drawing, and got messy the whole way through.
The legs and tail were particularly tricky.

It's times like these I wish I took the time to do sketches,
then trace for line work; but that aint gon' happen.

I know this fight should be on a blue background because it's aquatic,
but I was so fond of the brown/tan/beige, I had to post it.

Sorry the lobster took so long.
Hope it was worth the wait.

Tomorrow: the Lookdown


  1. DIGIT. also the tan is better.
    Are lobster punches anything like donkey punches?

    Also I like the last set of legs and how they look like he walks on them like a person.

  2. Right? Were just tan-fans i guess.
    Also, yeah, them legs gave me trouble, but i like how they turned out in the end. had to figure out how to resolve them with the tail so that it didnt look like he was just floating in space or standing on his tail.