Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#130 The Moose

Animalia: Day 105
The Moose

Got tired of google searching animals for Animalia and only
getting results of hunters holding up limp animal carcasses.

Got kind of a Pietà vibe. and a PETA vibe. also Goya. also Rembrandt.

Started with a pretty loose pencil sketch
and went for it with a brush tip marker.
This was an attempt to try and keep the drawing much looser.
All of the shading/ details were done in the inking, rather than penciling.
Didn't plan out the shading well and it got messy in the body.
First time I think I've really had to fix the drawing in photoshop for Animalia.

Tried to keep it loose in the coloring too.
I think it turned out well.

Also, finished my first semester of Grad school.
That's the only reason y'all got a post.
Won't be back to everyday, but they will happen more often.


Tomorrow: the Mountain Goat

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