Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#155 The Tupinambá

The Tupinambá of Brazil

The Tupinambá lived in coastal Brazil when the Spanish, French, 
and Portuguese were first exploring the New World.

They are the subject of a number of firsthand accounts of the New World including
Hans Staden's True History: An Account of Cannibal Captivity in Brazil (1572)
and Jean de Lery's History of a Voyage to the Land of Brazil (1578).
Pêro Vaz de Caminha also gives an account of the Tupiniquin peoples,
enemies of the Tupinambá.

These are great books, the Staden more so than the Lery, and I recommend them.

Anyways, I drew this after I watched How Tasty Was my Little Frenchman,
which is a sort of hybrid of the two books.

I plan on inking and coloring this at some point.

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