Thursday, December 13, 2012

#156 The Opabinia

Animalia: Day 116
The Opabinia

End of Semester = New Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did this while proctoring a final exam for Art and Context: The Cold War.

Not sure how much I like the coloring,
it has grown on me since yesterday.

Anyways, the opabinia was an awesome sea arthropod 
that lived during the Cambrian explosion.
Pretty awesome.
It didn't even look back at the explosion behind it.

They had five eyes and a prehensile Mario piranha plant mouth.

Anyways, check out the Burgess Shale, it is pretty great.
And it is the source of some of the other animals.
Though, not sure if nautiloids are anachronistic, since they're late Cambrian.

Anyways, spiky guy at bottom is the wiwaxia and the 
guys in the background are anomalocarises. 

Scale is way off, ignore it.

I would add a link to Nausicaa's flying bugs if I could find one.

Anyways, also, found some good burgess shale fan art:


Tomorrow(metaphorically): the Opossum.

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