Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#157 Holiday Gift Exchange

'Tis the time for holiday cheer again!
This time last year I made an elephant drawing for this
art history gift exchange.

This year I made a tree topper for the librarian for the visual resources
library; she loves Harry Potter and LOTR.

So I made an Eye of Sauron Tree Topper:
in progress

in situ 

close up at home when i finished it. 

in situ, again.

I was surprised to find that no one had done this yet, 
according to a google image search.

Also, I thought about working the Foucaultian Panopticon in somehow,
but overlapping the North Star, the Eye of Sauron,
and Santa seemed enough cultural layering.

Hope y'all liked this.

Happy Holidays!

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