Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#174 Godzilla Mugs

Don't have ready access to a scanner 
so no Animalia drawing today, but here is this instead:

A series of mugs that I made last Summer while back in Kentucky.
I apparently forgot to post them to the blog.

Godzilla was first, and thus, the least refined in technique.
Also, the only one made without reference images.

Of course, Hedorah was next, seeing as he is my favorite Godzilla monster.

Gigan was next, another favorite. 
I chipped the tip of his left claw when glazing him though...
And the colors are a bit off.

Then Megalon. A fav as well, I think perhaps my fav during my childhood.
The two vinyl Godzilla figures I cherished the most growing up were
probably Megalon and Hedorah, though also maybe the original Mechagodzilla.

I debated making a Jet Jaguar to complete the Godzilla Vs. Megalon cast.

I ended up using some of my leftover clay to make 
a little Mothra tray, but I don't have an image.

In any case, pretty proud of how these turned out, 
even if some of the colors are a bit off.

Some of my Hedorah things.

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