Friday, August 8, 2014

#187 The Polar Bear

Animalia: Day 130
The Polar Bear
My first memory of an art museum was going to a museum in
elementary school. I don't remember what or where the museum was
(Lexington? Louisville? Cincy?), but I remember our assignment was
to seek out an artwork we liked and copy it. I picked a drawing (or was it
a print?) of a polar bear. A very simple line drawing. I remember copying
it closely and noting the curvature of the back and the hump where the
shoulder blades protrude. I was very young. But it has stuck with me,
very clearly, for some reason or another. It was not a sitting polar bear.
I can picture it very clearly. In any case, I don't think I have drawn a
polar bear since then. And for some reason the task seemed daunting.
But then I did it. So here's that.

minimal background.

Tomorrow: the Porcupine.

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