Friday, August 1, 2014

#184 The Alchemist - Sketches

About two years ago, I started discussing the idea of making a comic 
book with a friend in the graduate program at SMU. He brought in an
English major friend from undergrad who already had some ideas
about a story, and together we worked more on basic outlines of plot.
It was going to be something like a supernatural comic about an 
alchemist in medieval Spain who hunts demons using alchemy - 
potions and gunpowder and some supernatural things. Knives too.
Like a medieval alchemist version of Guy Davis's The Marquis.
In any case, here are some character sketches.
The protagonist. 
Based his appearance on Medieval/ Renaissance images of alchemists, 
Jews, arabs, etc. (i.e. the 'other'). Thus, forked beard, pointy hat.

Demon sketches.
Based some on Medieval / Renaissance images of demons.
The one at the top left would be the main demons, and bear similarities
to the Angel I also sketched. The little guy with black wings, and the 
goofy wobbly leg guy to his left would have also been in it, I think.

This is the angel's design, based on medieval images and biblical
descriptions. The demon and angel were meant to look like they
were at one point the same race because the bible and stuff.

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