Monday, June 6, 2011

#70 The Finch (Lady Gouldian Finch)

Animalia: Day 54
The Finch

Originally, we were going to do the ferret today, but I've had
enough of little furries, so we booted it and added the flamingo.

I searched finches, and the Lady Gouldian Finch came up.
It is basically the Google Chrome logo in animal form.

Tomorrow: the Flamingo


  1. What a cutie patootie.

    Regarding images showing through the thin sketchbook paper, have you considered putting another piece of paper behind the page you're scanning so the light doesn't come through the back of it as much?

  2. I use both sides of the paper, so it is just picking up whats on the other side. I usually have another piece of paper behind it. Once I had a piece of paper with something written on it behind the page, and that showed through along with what was on the verso. lammeeeeee.

  3. wow.
    digging the fade outs.