Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#94 The Horse

Animalia: Day 77
The Horse

When I was growing up, my sister used to draw horses a lot.
I learned to draw horse from her using the circle method,
where you draw a big and little circle, and attach them to make the head,
then draw another big and little circle to make the body.
I could never really get past that part,
and I never really got the hang of the legs.

In retrospect, horse's legs are probably some of the
hardest things I have ever tried to draw.

I also bought The Marquis TPB of The Inferno by Guy Davis recently,
I read the thing pretty quick, and in the back section there are lots of sketches.
One that caught my eyes was a horse skeleton
(The Marquis is full of them)
with the legs whited out and redrawn a couple times.
Made me feel better, cause even the pros have trouble with horse legs.

Tomorrow: the Humpback Anglerfish

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