Saturday, June 18, 2011

#83 The Gorilla

Animalia: Day 66
The Gorilla

These are pose sketches with a sketch of the head that I ended up
liking so much that I photoshopped it on to the final.
Also, these are drawn on scrap paper that came from my work;
this crazy guy sent us a 400 page fax of letters like this one.
filled with lots of racism and conspiracy theories.

My favorite:

Dear Sir,

There are one million atoms in a grain of sand.


So I cheated a little bit (read: a lot-a-bit) on this one.
Found this image of the Chystler Building and
I altered it a little bit before tracing it.
Then I blurred and filtered it and set it behind the drawing as the background colors.

Also, obviously took inspiration from King Kong.
Maybe should have darkened the darks in the gorilla to match errthang else.

But either way, I'm sure this is a welcomed change from
the past few days of boring straight-forward pencil drawings.

Tomorrow: the Great White Shark

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