Thursday, June 9, 2011

#72 The Fly

Animalia: Day 56
The Fly

This one is late because flies are hard to draw and I wish
Nick had never requested to add it to the list.

I did a couple sketches, and a bigger one, and didn't like any of them.
So this is all you get. Sorry brohams.

The trouble with flies is that there is no angle to draw them from where you
see their face and a good view of their wings. Also, because they stand
belly down, with all legs on the ground, it's hard to get a good angle of
their face in general. This is all apart from the fact that they have
six legs all coming from the same point on their underbellies.
So I wanted to make their furriness look like a fur coat with a fur collar,
but it didn' really happen.

Basically, flies are the worst.

But at the last second, I decided to salvage the sketches
by pulling an Adriaen van de Venne a la"Fishing for Souls"
(hint: bottom left, left of boat).
Also known as a Tom Friedman a la "Untitled (1995)".

See art is good for the earth cause it's all about recycling.

Tomorrow(or hopefully later tonight): the Fox

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