Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#17 Molded Heroes

The Molded Heroes show happened last weekend in Aurora, IL.
Nick and I both had prints in the show (Nick's is hyper-violent TMNT),
and they are both up for purchase on the Molded Heroes website.

Here is the print I did:
Nick actually printed this for me and everything,
so a big thanks (and a bottle of night train?) is owed there.

It is basically a knockoff of this etching by Rembrandt.

The print is a little bit of a one-liner, essentially equating all life decisions as fruitless -
by way of juxtaposition of Rembrandt's original message and references to starter Pokemon.

The original print deals with the myth of Faust
and his decision between worldly and religious pursuits -
a pretty common theme in art of the Dutch Golden Age.
Its presence is seen in vanitas, still-life, and genre painting.
Elements of these can be found in the original print and the "copy"
(take, for example, the skull in the background and book in the foreground).

Two posts in one day, gettin' busy.

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