Friday, April 29, 2011

#34 The Bear (Sunbear)

Animalia: Day 19
The Bear

So I drew the Sun bear,
which I didn't know about until my girlfriend alerted me yesterday.
So, if you looked at the linky above,
you already know that the sun bear is the cobra of the ursids.
They have fatty beefcake necks with sweet designs on em,
serves some sort of practical purpose (yeah right internet).

Anyways, apart from being cobras and fatnecks and the inspiration for pokemon,
sun bears are also straight gangster,
and frequently gather in groups of three in order to freestyle and look dope.

I drew this about a year ago when I came across this picture.
I liked the long neck bear idea, so I carried it over.

Here's the final, which I am pretty happy with:

Tomorrow: the Beaver


  1. Holy shit bro, that final version looks fucking professional an shit. Nice job. Specially with the skull neck, improvement from a year ago fosho.

  2. thanks broham, are we going to see a big update from you?