Monday, April 25, 2011

#30 The Barreleye

Animalia: Day 15
The Barreleye

The Barreleye is an awesome fish.
It's eyes don't come into contact with the outside world.
Instead, they reside inside its head, encased in a translucent bubble.
Basically, I want to know why all animals are designed with a windshield.

I think I will probably be doing more pencil drawings.

In retrospect, I should have made the lines around the head and tail much thinner,
which would have made the translucence much more convincing.
Oh well, hindsight is 20/20...
which sucks for people who have 20/16 vision.

Tomorrow: the Basilisk (lizard).


  1. this was the hardest thing to draw. PERIOD.

    also we need to add "fly" to the list, because I just watched the "The Fly" movie from 1958, and dammit, i want to draw that half man half fly.

  2. yeah, this is another one of them, no matter how good the drawing is, the real thing will always be cooler.

  3. Jun, I am continually impressed with you.

  4. @nick

    you should draw the newer cronenberg fly. eweeueughghghhh