Sunday, April 24, 2011

#29 The Badger

Animalia: Day 14
The Badger

This one is a little weak,
but these have been taking up wayyy too much of my time as of late,
and I have been losing sleep over it,
while trying to recover from sickness, so, whatever.

Also, I feel like this is more the sort of sketch I had in mind
when I thought of the animalia project.
The other more involved, full page pictures are nice,
and I'm glad they have happened,
but I really didn't expect them to be much more than this one.

Tomorrow: the Barreleye fish!


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  2. Yeaaah...
    Didn't get the badger done today because I made it excessively complicated, so I am in the same boat.
    The next week i'm gunna take it easy.

  3. Also, his expression and face are pretty adorable/derpy.