Friday, April 15, 2011

#20 The Anteater

Animalia: Day 5
The Anteater

I decided to go with the Giant Anteater rather than the Pangolin, or scaly anteater.
This was partly because I thought Nick might be doing the Pangolin,
and also because I wasn't interested in taking the time to draw all them scales.

With that in mind, I present the Giant Anteater:

I remembered after I inked the outline that I wanted to add a baby on the back,
so I drew some options and added one for the final in Photoshop.

Very happy with how this one and the alligator turned out.
Also, did you know an anteater walks on its knuckles like a gorilla,
in order to preserve the sharpness of its nails.
It can use them to take down a cougar or a jaguar.

Also, this comes up when googling Giant Pangolin(NSFW?)

Tomorrow: the Antelope

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  1. the baby takes this from great to awesome in 60 seconds flat!
    Some goddamn Nicolas Cage shit!