Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#25 The Armadillo

Animalia: Day 10
The Armadillo

As always, sketchbook drawing first.

I did a lot of sketches for poses, going off the idea of armadillo as giant monster
(I have been reading The Goon, and wanted to
do a mid punch pose, which didn't happen in the end).
It wasn't working at all until I faced his head upwards, bearing the teeth.
I first inked the outline, then did ballpoint for shading, and then sharpie for texture.
It kind of turned into a mess, which I tried to cover up in photoshop with pretty colors.
After I had finished it in photoshop,
I realized I had subconsciously worked off of this model.

Tomorrow: the Aye aye. (At my sister's suggestion)

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