Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#39 The Bull

Animalia: Day 24
The Bull

Horned quadruped. Swoop.

So, this may seem vulgar, but really,
the testicles serve a taxonomical purpose.
What makes a cow different from a bull? There you have it.
Also, they tend to be muscle-ier.
Also also, if you google search bulls,
you see a good amount of super muscle-y ones, a lot of average ones,
and a few super saggy ones, which are brahman cattle.

I was debating between going the route of super saggy or super muscle-y,
and I decided to go with the latter because it would be harder to fake the figure.
Also wanted to do the muscles in order to
which you should check out, because it's AMAZING.
I thought about the veins in Hercule's hands as I added the veins on the cow.

Pretty happy with this one, seeing as I have trouble with quadrupeds.

You may have noticed I accidentally wrote fig. 23.,
and had to correct it by frankensteining the 3 and an L

Tomorrow: the Camel

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