Monday, May 30, 2011

#63 The Dodo

Animalia: Day 46
The Dodo

This one is a bit late because while looking at dodo pics,
got distracted by how amazing looney tunes are. and from 1938.

Also, wanted to do some birds eye view,
to try and fix my inability to draw perspectives.
A couple hours (and thumbnails) later,
I had a preliminary drawing.
Finished it this morning, then decided to add a background.

Anyways, I'm happy with how this turned out,
though I wish the mouth was more frowny and froglike,
and it's a little too Toucan Sam for my liking.

Later today: the Dog.


  1. This one is nice.

    If you're looking for distraction (or even just not opposed to it), I'm a big fan of the old Harman-Ising cartoons...

    One of my favorites:

  2. the dragon is awesome. but the best part is when the whole world collapses. amazing stuff.