Thursday, May 5, 2011

#40 The Camel

Animalia: Day 25
The Camel

Ignore the scribbles, I'm out of sketchbook room.

Woot! Made it to the third letter of the alphabet.
So apparently people race camels. And use little kids as jockeys.
Also, the end is nigh. 2012'ers were right.
What else could justify the existence of robot camel jockeys?

Tomorrow: the Canary


  1. Well I have a few things to say...
    1. This drawing made me lol real hard, and real lol not that poser lol shit
    2. the image of robot camel jockeys is FORBIDDEN and I want, nay NEED, to SEE IT.
    3. It's May 21, 2011 numbnuts, read the bible for once, GOD

  2. 1. In restrospect, shouldve added some pyramids in the background, maybe getting destroyed by UFOs.

    2. Google robot camel jockeys, the term is pretty specific. but, interestingly enough, there are a few different varieties, which makes me wonder i there is are multiple robot camel jockey mfg'ers, and if one is like the Ford of robot camel jockeys and another is the Toyota, and another still, the Kia of robot camel jockey production.

    3. i couldnt even find somewhere on that site that justifies them choosing that date. i mean, i didnt really look that hard, but still.