Friday, May 13, 2011

#47 The Chicken

Animalia: Day 32
The Chicken

Blogger has been down for about a day, hence the late post.

Been trying some other stuff I've seen Eric Powell do in The Goon,
and that's how I arrived at the back lit chicken.
Also, some obvious nods to Carravaggio and the
long tradition of decapitation in the History of Art,
be it St. John the Baptist, Goliath, or Holofernes.
This being a result of the stories about chickens
living for days after their heads have been cut off.

The "Strange Tales" title just felt inevitable
when combining gangster horror comics and
true stories about headless chickens.
Maybe Tim Lane's influence had a part in it too.

Also, fairly happy with it because I didn't really
use any reference photos except for the head.

Tomorrow: the Chimpanzee

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