Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#64 The Dog

Animalia: Day 47
The Dog



Final version 1.

Final version 2.

Okay, I know, I'm a day behind.
But seriously, look at them past few drawings, they took a hot minute.
I wanted to do the dog justice for a few reasons.
For starters, there are a ton of dog breeds that should all be their
own species considering how morphologically diverse they are.
Apart from that, my girlfriend (and I) has a Boston Terrier pup
who we have been living with for a few months, and I had to do it for her.

So there (s)he is as Johnny Storm, the Boston Terrier.
Then there is the Papillon as Sue Storm,
the Bulldog as Ben Grimm, and the Dachsund as Reed Richards.

So, I wanted to do a couple different species,
and I thought of just doing the heads,
which reminded me of the old comics that would show
just the heads of the characters in the top left corner.
With that in mind, I thought the F4 would be good because
they each have distinct characteristics and personalities, like dogs.
I took FF#1 as inspiration, and intended to include a title and the head box at top,
but forgot about them when doing the large drawing,
while also adding in some octopuses to be the foes.

Anyways, version 1 was the finished version,
where I realized it lost its comic book feel in the background coloring.
So I just took all the BG colors and upped the saturation and lightness,
which lead to version 2.

Anyways, hopefully I'll be able to get back on schedule tomorrow or the day after.

Tomorrow: the Dolphin.


  1. WHOAW.
    backgrounds with buildings!

  2. and flame jobs. Working on perspective with this and the last. that bulldog punching in perspective took forever, and the pose ended up being pretty week. drawing people mid punch is a skill i am far from mastering. also, the buildings are fudged quite a bit. the windows get smaller as they get closer, haha.