Monday, May 23, 2011

#57 The Cowfish

Animalia: Day 40
The Cowfish

Animalia is back from a 3 day hiatus with the cowfish!
I first learned of the cowfish when I saw them at the City Museum in St. Louis.
They were my second favorites in the aquarium after the nautilus,
which ended up dying. So they're my favorites now.

The cowfish is one of those animals that is so ungodly cute
that you can't possibly believe they actually exist.
It has the legs of a Zubat, the fins of a Horsea, and the ears of a Pikachu.

I mean, honestly. It's adorable.
I will probably add color and repost tomorrow.

Also, maybe the mouth of a Jynx.

Tomorrow: the Crocodile

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